About Me

DSC_7133A veteran of the folk music scene in Toronto, Taivi developed her unique musical style while listening to the folk greats of the 60’s and 70’s. She began her musical career in coffee houses on the Danforth, and has written for choruses, performed with an Indonesian gamelan orchestra, and sung at the Bluebird Café.

Her songs, ranging across the folk, rock and jazz idioms, are multi-faceted gems reflecting erudition, longing and community.

She performs as a solo artist, with Prodigal Daughter (Jayne Mitchell) and with LoDoCo (Garth Douglas and Jon Cooper).

“Music and song can speak when ordinary words fail – conveying visions and sentiments that we sometimes share on our journeys, helping to open a bigger future. I believe that music, and art, can move us in ways that nothing else can.
I hope you enjoy”

— Taivi